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The H2Optx Pillerator native sample accessory interfaces with the mPAT LAB to provide:
  • Automatic sectioning of tablets with layer by layer hyperspectral scanning
  • User-defined layer thickness settings that range from 5 - 500µm
  • A 3D chemical map & structural analysis of an entire tablet or solid analyte
  • Chemical identification and hi-res imaging of excipients, beads, multi-layer coatings, and APIs
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The H2Optx Platerator native sample accessory interfaces with the mPAT LAB to provide:
  • Fast mixture analysis of complex powders down to 1PPM
  • Statically significant sample sizes comparable to unit dosages
  • Ability to process over 60 components simultaneously
  • Accurate identification of > 90% of components within culture media
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The H2Optx MetaSuite proprietary software bundle is an integrated, end-to-end solution for processing the H2Optx mPAT LAB multi-spectral data. MetaSuite provides:
  • A platform for easily performing fully automated 3D Raman, optical, and UV imaging of powders and tablets
  • A platform for processing raw Raman spectra and optical image data into descriptive 2D & 3D structural and chemical maps
  • Spectral “big data” exploration tools that enable the visual selection and extraction of individual spectra from 3D chemical maps
  • A user-friendly, legacy-free Windows based point & click GUI for quick onboarding
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