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The industry’s only solution for full 3D chemical imaging of solid dosage formulations
The H2Optx mPAT LAB integrates Raman spectroscopy, UV & VIS light spectroscopy, microscopy, hi-res optical imaging with automated X-Y-Z surface scanning.

This seamless integration, combined with H2Optx robotics & native sampling accessories, enables novel capabilities for the 3D characterization of powders, tablets, cells, vials, liquids, and emulsions.
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Full Integrated Analytical Methods


    • Chemical composition & structure
    • Organic & inorganic compounds
    • Minimal or no sample preparation
    • Measures <1µm to cm sample sizes
    • Non-destructive
    • Analyze in aqueous suspensions
    • Analyze through transparent containers
    • Combines well with other analytical methods
  • UV
    • ID materials that auto-fluoresce
    • ID materials with weak to no Raman scattering
    • High resolution image capture
    • Quick
  • VIS
    • Capture hi-res color images


  • 5X
    • 5X with UV & VIS
    • Large field of view & rapid scanning of complex powders, tablets, liquids and emulsions
  • 50X
    • Used with VIS for submicron resolution
    • Enables 3D structure mapping with Z-Scan


  • Best-in-class Raman image acquisition speed
  • Enables 4 x 4 x 4(mm) rapid scans
  • X-Y-Z surface & 3D imaging
  • Auto focus
  • Imaging into liquids


  • Up to 60 frames per second
  • Optical map for quick analysis of "hot spots"
  • Single-pixel chemical analysis for immediate data processing


  • IP65 rated for clean-in place applications
  • Compatible with a full line of native sampling accessories
  • Powered by a customizable, legacy-free and user-friendly software suite


  • Characterization of solid dosage and powder formulations
  • Identify API & component concentrations down to .0001% by weight
  • Particle size distribution by component
  • Nearest neighbor, long-scale correlation, and coverage percentage analysis
  • Prediction of dissolution profile from the solid form
  • Process and product development for API synthesis and drug & media
  • New product line validation
  • Technical troubleshooting


  • Accurately ID majority of culture media components
  • Identify variability between media lots
  • Identify differences in raw source materials
  • Detect impurities within the raw materials
  • Detect trace materials within complex powders
  • Create particle size distribution maps to ID possible de-mixing effects
  • Incoming QC inspection
  • Archive samples for QA investigations
The H2Optx Pillerator interfaces with the mPAT LAB to provide automated sectioning (5–500µm layer thickness) of solid dosage formulations.

Hyperspectral scans of each layer are used to construct a 3D chemical map and structural analysis of a tablet or solid analyte.
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The H2Optx Platerator interfaces with the mPAT LAB to enable fast, multi-axis Raman, UV and hi-res optical scans of complex powders, solids, and emulsions.

Large, statistically significant sample sizes provide meaningful structural & chemical analysis for the Life Sciences and Fine Chemical industries.
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