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The H2Optx mPAT LAB hardware and MetaSuite software solutions provide scientists and engineers with a comprehensive view of the detailed chemical structures in a wide variety of pharmaceutical and fine chemical materials. 

H2Optx’s proprietary integration of Raman, optical & UV imaging and microscopy enables fast and accurate identification of the widest variety of compounds. This integration, combined with robotic native sampling accessories, allows for unattended scanning and analysis of tablets and large volumes of complex powders.

H2Optx proprietary technologies are ideal for applications where the desire is to have high-resolution insight into raw materials, in-process materials, or finished products.
The H2Optx mPAT LAB integrates Raman spectroscopy, UV & VIS light spectroscopy, microscopy, and hi-res optical imaging with automated X-Y-Z surface scanning. 

This seamless integration, combined with H2Optx robotics & native sampling accessories, enables novel capabilities for the 3D characterization of powders, tablets, cells, vials, liquids, and emulsions.
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The H2Optx Pillerator native sample accessory interfaces with the mPAT LAB to provide:
  • Automatic sectioning of tablets with layer by layer hyperspectral scanning
  • User-defined layer thickness settings that range from 5 - 500µm
  • A 3D chemical map & structural analysis of an entire tablet or solid analyte
  • Chemical identification and hi-res imaging of excipients, beads, multi-layer coatings, and APIs
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The H2Optx Platerator native sample accessory interfaces with the mPAT LAB to provide:
  • Fast mixture analysis of complex powders down to 1PPM
  • Statically significant sample sizes comparable to unit dosages
  • Ability to process over 60 components simultaneously
  • Accurate identification of > 90% of components within culture media
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User-friendly, legacy free Windows® based point & click GUI
H2Optx MetaSuite proprietary software provides an integrated, end to end solution for processing the H2Optx mPAT LAB multi-spectral data.

MetaSuite user-friendly programs provide meaningful structural & chemical analysis for both powders and solids (tablets) for the Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemical industries.
The H2Optx mPAT LAB is equipped with a laptop or enterprise work station optimized to run H2Optx MetaSuite software. MetaSuite is configured to enable online diagnostics and real-time technical assistance (optional). MetaSuite includes the following programs:
H2Optx MetaScan provides a platform for easily performing fully automated 3D Raman, optical, and UV imaging of powders and tablets.
H2Optx MetaAnalyzer processes raw Raman spectra and optical image data into descriptive 2D & 3D structural and chemical maps. These detailed maps provide deep insight into the underlying structures created during pharmaceutical and fine chemical manufacturing processes.
H2Optx MetaClipper is a spectral “big data” exploration tool enabling the visual selection and extraction of individual spectra from 3D chemical maps – representing billions of spectra.
H2Optx MetaCLI provides Windows® command line access to the MetaSuite family of powerful analytical tools. MetaCLI can be used for scripting advanced use cases.
H2Optx MetaDiagnostics software provides “health check” capabilities for the mPAT LAB system ensuring that the system is always running at peak performance.